Best of Nijmegen throughout the year

You recieve your value for your money in Nijmegen with so many atractions in the City. Nijmegen is a beautiful city cared for by its people and worth visiting any time of the year. Its History goes back to the 1st century BC, when the Romans ruled it.

Naturally accommodation very in prices for b & b so out of the hotels you choose when you visit Nijmegen (the oldest town in Holland) your natural choice for affordable accommodation in Nijmegen would be the B&B Pension Bottendaal. Affordable accommodation in the city center. Easily accessed budget hotel in Nijmegen city. For a full list of Hotel search box top right of web page.

Nijmegen the Netherlands

This month we are in Nijmegen. Looking for hotels, bed and breakfast hotels in Nijmegen, When in Nijmegen, you’ll stay in one of the many B & B hotels Nijmegen has to offer. NIjmegen can offer you cheap affordable accommodation but any of hotel accommodation is difficult during the Four Days March every July. Dutch text Vierdaagse Nijmegen.