Four (4) Day Marches in Nijmegen

Four 4 Day Marches Holland In Nijmegen4 day march in Nijmegen Holland

Registration 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen

If you are interested in joining this year’s 4 Day Marches register now

Single registration for the 102nd Four Day Marches in Nijmegen
Participation limit 47,000.
This year’s (2018) March will take place on the 17 to 20 July 2018. Registration opened on Monday 5 February.

47,000 Four Days Marches Limit
If the registration exceeded 47,000, a draw will be held amongst the first-time entrants, i.e. new comers. Book your Hotel In Nijmegen for the 4 day march in Nijmegen

Single registration period

For this year the 4 Day March in Nijmegen, the Foundation has put a single registration signing period for interested participating in the 2018 Four Days Marches. The registration period will is 5 February and end Friday 23 March.  Registration fee for the 102nd Four Day Walk is €80. Walkers can register at the Official website 4 day walk.

This year higher registration fee will ensure continuity and quality

The Foundation of  the Four Days Marches has set higher registration fee for participation this year. It is necessary if  to continue to organise, the event with the level of quality. The Foundation itself requires professionalisation.

The government is setting more requirements each year such as safety and traffic regulations, provision of toilet facilities, renting of sites and offices and provision of medical support posts and deployment of the Dutch Red Cross. Higher participation fees is unavoidable if they are to continuity of the Four Days Marches. Don’t forget to Book your hotel early for this years 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen.

Route taken on the Four Days Marches

Its all planed, get your registration. Book Your Hotel in Nijmegen Holland before it starts ON ON.

The Four Days Marches – Walkers apps.
4 Day Marches in Nijmegen participants, supporters and visitors can use the official Four Days Marches apps during the Four Days Marches. The app informs you of  the locations of medics posts, toilets, water stop and provides information about your location on route, your average walking speed, estimated time of arrival and the weather. You can also track fellow walkers.

The Four Days Marches – Follower app

People at home can use this Follower app. The app lets you track walkers and send them location-based messages. The app also provides information on parking and public transport, as well as other things that are useful to know when visiting Nijmegen during the Four Days Marches.

Downloading the 4 Days March apps
For 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen the apps will be available in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) in July.
Please check for more information!