So much going on in this beautiful city of Nijmegen.

Four 4 Day Marches Nijmegen Bridge Holland

Tour Guide to Hotels in Nijmegen There A Lot Happening This Summer

Soon it will be the Four Day Marches

This month we, looking for hotels, bed and breakfast hotels in Nijmegen, You’ll soon be looking for hotels to stay in.  Its soon the Walking season B & B hotels has to offer you cheap affordable accommodation. its called the “Vierdaagse” in Dutch.

A growning popular Dutch tour destination in Africa is the Gambia this only if you are not a winter sports fan.

Month of July in Nijmegen.

Four Days Walk/March Nijmegen 4 days march the Netherlands

Nijmegen Four Days March

Even the Israelis’ and Palestinians’ were represented in 2017 Four Day March. The unbelievable happens right here and this years 47’000 people are expected. Book your place on the street if you are local and if you are a outsider book you hotel. The fun factor in the oldest city of Holland hits red hot.
Fantastic week long party. You recieve your value for your money in Nijmegen with so many atractions in the City. Its is a beautiful city cared for by its people and worth visiting any time of the year. Its History goes back to the 1st century BC, when the Romans ruled it. Naturally accommodation prices very for B & B. So out of the hotels you are spoilt for choose. There is affordable accommodation in the city center. Easily accessed budget hotel in Nijmegen city.

Your Tour Guide to Hotels in Holland

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The Best things about Amsterdam.

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  • Anne Frank House
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The Best Deals around the Netherlands. Travel around Holland with no worries and  explore with enthusiasm. 

Discover Hollands Tulip fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals specially in Amsterdam, art masterpieces of Old Masters, Delft ware, innovative water-management and millions and millions of bicycles.

We in Holland truly love our furry cuddly friends and love caring for them. If you are feeling a little lonely in your new home or a little cold, why not consider getting a cuddly pet? Pet live a cared for and a high life in the Netherlands. Pets are much love and care for as a family member.  Served the best cut a the Dutch treat their pets cat/dog to the comfiest chair, by the fireplace. Dogs are extremely popular in Holland. Some other favoured pets are:

Pets on the 4 Day Walk in NijmegenCats
Guinea pigs
Miniature pony
Pot-bellied swine